Mr Headphones

Who is this man? He’s a city resident, who walks through Government Avenue often. I was inspired to sketch him because of the expressions on his face while he listens to music. The expression on his face is determined by the asymmetrical design of his eyes and his narrow mouth. The well-lit face is framed by badly behaved hair, accentuated with restless brush-strokes and scratches.

I drew this portrait with mixed media – wax, paint, charcoal and pastels.

My friend, Sarah, bought this picture – here it is framed and hanging in her flat.



7 thoughts on “Mr Headphones

  1. I love your artworks Chuma!
    I would love to meet with you and for you to be a part of my company, Film Art.
    Either I meet you or you can come to my place of work: 370 Main Road, Observatory (opposite Chippies Main Road).


    1. Hi,Carla

      When can i come and meet with you?You have answerd my prayers realy
      it would be a prevalage to be part of your company as im a hardworker
      and a team worker.What will i need to bring with me?can i come and see you
      tomorow please,
      Thank you for your comment on my work it means alot to me.i would love to meet with you.

      Thank you!love Chuma


      1. Hi Chuma
        Lovely to hear from you too.
        Tomorrow is good anytime from 2pm.
        Just bring a few of your favourite works and of course yourself.
        Take care and kind regards


  2. Hallo Chuma,

    I just saw you on Carte Blanche. I pray that this interview will open doors for you far above your wildest dreams. May you prosper with your unique and beautiful artwork!!



  3. Hi Chuma. I saw you on Carte Blanche this evening. Art is my passion too. It’s what drives me. I am blown away by your magnificently, colourful artworks and just want you know that you are soooo brave and I admire your unbelievable will to move forward in your life despite all your hardships. Stay strong and never stop believing in yourself.
    Wishing you lots of love and light on this incredible journey we call Life.


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