Good Company Farmers Market

Since the beginning of the year, and until the end of Summer, I’ll be at the Good Company Farmers Market every Saturday from 8:30-3.

I’m selling original artworks, prints, and cards. Wizardz has been very generous and have sponsored my printing costs!


5 thoughts on “Good Company Farmers Market

  1. Hi Chuma

    I am so very inspired by what I saw. I live in Johannesburg. I saw your story on Carte Blanche. I would like to purchase some of your artwork. Are you able to send via dhl? I would pay the costs. I hope God blesses and keeps you.


  2. Hi Chuma,
    I am actually a student who studies design in woodstock and I just love your story and how your artwork is your survival. Your work is beautiful and you are super talented, I love the colour and texture of the medium you use on the paper. The people you meet and the fact that each artwork has its own story is what makes the work so compelling and so good. Keep going, art is your therapy and I can relate to that. Stunning stunning stunning. I will definitely stop by at the market one Saturday, as I have a lot of pastels and art supplies I no longer need and that you would put to better use.


  3. Molo Chuma. Just wanted to tell you that im you’re not alone in your struggles, though some of us may not live on the streets but one way or the other we face similar hurdles. Im part of a large number of youth who are unemployed, with qualifications and in a way, I feel homeless too. I find refugee in my music that I hope will be heard some day…

    stay strong and know that you are an inspiration. May god bless you. Nam andizuncama emculweni wam…

    Much love, Dtox


  4. Hi Chuma

    We live in Paarl but will definitely organise a Saturday in Cape Town soon and start at the market so that we can visit you and see your art. You are an inspiration! You really make me realise how it’s possible to face life positively, no matter what it throws at you.

    Looking forward to meeting you soon.


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