Portrait of an artist without a home

“Chuma Somdaka fled prejudice to live on a park bench. Now her art keeps her whole”.

An article written by Alexander Matthews, which was also featured in the Sunday Times.

Source: Portrait of an artist without a home


7 thoughts on “Portrait of an artist without a home

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  2. WoW Chuma! You are an amazing woman and after watching Carte Blanche and reading your blogs I gave so much respect for you! Is there no change you can get an internship and study through a corporate company? I pray that doors will open for you; if I had the means or connections in your area I would definately have given you the opertunity
    Please stay safe; keep your faith you are an inspiration to us all!!! Xx


  3. Hi Chuma

    I have just had the honour watching you on Carte Blanche, I just want say I am really inspired by you and your faith.. your strong will and what you have been through and still going through, I just pray that God continues to work in you and that he does grant you the blessings that you deserve..
    May our Saviour Jesus Christ keep you and those who are also homeless with you, may He always guide you and continue to work in your life, God bless you and keep strong


  4. Hi Chuma.

    Ive seen ur story on Carte Blanche. I think u are very talented!! Your an inspiration. I hope that God will bless u and hear your prayers and give u the desires of your heart.
    May He keep u safe.
    Where can I see more of your Art?.

    Kind Regards.


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