My Progress

The process of adjusting to being in school and having a place that I wake up to find myself safe and warm in makes me feel so blessed.

At school, I’m attending art classes and learning more about art as a career and business. The first time in class I was excited and not sure what to expect but eager to learn. The lessons are not too difficult for me, but I have been struggling with print-making, and I was unable to hand in my final work, a landscape collography. I am going to have to learn to ask for help when I don’t know or misunderstand.

I have been concentrating  on my school work and researching the history of art and design elements to give me the overall understanding of what I can work on and achieve good marks while having enough time to produce artworks to sell in order to support myself.

Thank you to all of those that support me. Your support, kindness and generosity towards me and my future, and giving me the opportunity to education is amazing. Every night I secretively prayed for school and to have access to accommodation and resources to help me achieve my goals. I’m not going to have the same amount of time as I did before attending school, so now I am going to update the blog two times a month and that’s if I’m not falling behind school project.


2 thoughts on “My Progress

  1. Hi Chuma – This is Ann – the one who bought your portrait of Sarah at the David Krut Gallery. I was hoping to get to the market in the Gardens to see you before I left Cape Town, but got sick. I’m back in the USA and am fine now and wanted to let you know that I’ve hung up the portrait which is so special to me. It will always remind me of what a special person I met in Cape Town and how inspirational you are to so many people. I’m so happy to hear about your schooling, and wish all the best for you. Perhaps I’ll see you when I return to Cape Town some day❣


  2. I enjoy reading your posts, Chuma, and love how you share your joys and progress with such gentle honesty and gratitude.

    I hope you can update – briefly – once a week rather than once a month! Please show us some of your schoolwork as it develops, not just the finished product.

    Congratulations on believing in yourself and following your dreams.


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