Communication through art

Benchmark is a chain that I found this lock with a massage.

The massage written on the lock is in did truthful. And to top it of I’ve been for the past two years been sleeping on the bench that has had this chain locked on it.

Every now and then I still come and sit at the bench in the gardens. My life has been a journey that I sometimes feel bitter about but I’ve come to acknowledge that with my past comes the strength and courage to carry through today the practical experience of having to have the patience and faith to be true and find peace within myself as well as forgiveness.

Now I’m on the road to recovery and it’s not easy but healthy for me. The art school is teaching me slot and I love each and every day I’m able to learn and interact in classes. I am still struggling with art materials and would appreciate it if donation for the Art foundation that is aimed at connecting poeple by communication through art, homeless to non homeless people together to make a voice message that will help intergrade homeless and society into a open gate way of communicating.

The T-shirt and cards are up for grabs for anyone willing to donate and help with materials towards you foundation.

Thank you for all your support and generosity towards my growth and development. God bless us all in are strive for peace,love,and humanity.


One thought on “Communication through art

  1. What a magical benchmark,Chuma. And it seems to be a good omen for you as That Bench has enriched your personal story beyond what most people can imagine. Well done on facing your fears and reaching for your dreams.


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