Three New Stories

Rony is a gay male who is physically disabled and he comes to town to
hustle. He had a stroke years back, and is also a drug addict. He was involved with
dikie last year. He has a mother who comes to town looking for him because she gets worried about him being in town and sleeping in the street but as soon as his mom
takes him home Rony will appear in town again a day later with his cup on his hand asking for small change. We argue a lot when he is sitting with me at the bench in the
gardens, it irritates the hell out if me when he does that with me around. If
the person or people don’t respond back he will pass rude remarks or worse saying ‘he wants to buy drugs with their money’. I myself have grown close to him and even though we argue allot we enjoy each others company. He is HIV positive and takes his ARVs with him where ever he goes.

Andile is a car guard at kloof street opposite the Wellness Centre. We met at the shelter and became friends whilst living on the street. He used to drink a lot but now he is using tik and other stuff. He is god loving man and he gets beaten a lot and has his money gets taken. The last time we were together, two guys and a girl came and started fighting with him. He got kicked in the face. He was arrested this year for possession of drugs and is also a 28 gangster but none of his gang members respect him. They are usually the first to rob him or take his stuff without his permission. Most of the time he is alone and likes to smoke alone. He recently received a phone from a women from the car park. When she came back to her car she handed him the phone, but he only was able to keep it for a week before one of his friends took from him. He is 48 years old grew up in Phillipi, where his family still stays. The reason he left home to live on the streets is because he killed someone in self defence. He couldn’t deal with it, and the family of the victim lives near his house. That was the most difficult part for him – he still today has a hard time forgiving himself.

Mary is 20 years old and I met her at the church we used to attend on Wednesday with Pastor John. She is an addict and she steals. She breaks into cars. She will do anything to feed her habit. She stole my bag during the night when was fast asleep about two years back when we were all staying together as one big family. She and her boyfriend who is now in prison used to rob every day, even in the gardens during the day. She is always high and carries a sharp object with her. She likes being the only girl in the group. She was kidnapped by Timo and he forced her to be his girlfriend, and that’s how she ended up living on the streets. She came to town with her sister and friend for June holidays, and during that time her life got taken away. She has not returned since the accident but wished she could have the courage to go back home. She is sometimes able to talk to her sister who works in town. Timo kept her up in the mountain for almost six months and the only reason he let her free was because she agreed to be his girlfriend. He started selling her to the drug-dealers and thats how she became a sex worker and even though he was prostituting her he still forced her to have unprotected sex. It was during the night after a long time she came to visit me as we sat chatting I decided to sketch her and that was last week and thats the last time I saw her.


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