My name, Chuma Somdaka, means ‘dirty blossom’ in isiXhosa. I’m an artist, a 31 year old South African woman from Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. I’m disabled, from an amputation above the knee, and at the moment I am homeless. I sleep in the Company Garden in Cape Town, where I also do most of my drawing and sketching. I see all different kinds of people there.

I have a passion for visual arts and design, and would some day like to be able to study for a degree in the field. Today, I am only thankful that I’m able, through drawing and painting, to have money to use towards my needs. You can find me sitting on the Government Avenue with my art displayed.

The Cape Town Public Library also has some of my pictures displayed on their board. I love the library, and spend a lot of time there during the days, where I either read or sketch. I dream of success, and of having my art exhibited in one of the Cape Town galleries.

Visual art is a gift I’ve come to learn more about, as I draw and sketch portraits of street people who are happy and willing to have me sketch and exhibit them for sale in the gardens. It helps me clear the bad energy around me and centre myself. It also enables me to have self control in my day to day lifestyle, by allowing me to create something out of nothing. Seeing my art bring joy or insight to an indivdual is priceless and gives me


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    1. Hi Chuma

      Not sure if you still remember me, we went schooling together my name is Fatima I stay in Nyanga Near Maphindi.

      I Would like to visit you in cape town this coming Saturday. I was so touched and sad with your story on the TV.

      Can I please have your number: my number is 0825766639.

      Kind Regards


    2. What an inspiration you are! By now you have had your exhibit …. am soooooo happy for you. Have just this moment learned about you and had to write to you.
      I, too, am an artist ….. and i LOVE YOUR WORK! would you like to communicate
      with me? i am 76 years young … some physical handicaps that are preventing me from making art now. BUT ….. i do not give up in other ways!
      i send you blessings with love and peace. nancy scheiber


  1. You are a great woman, you are so inspiring, you inspire me to be a better me!! Thank you for opening up ngobom bakho sisi! Infact kuwe the sky is the limit! Keep doing what you do!!! Big up! Usemithandazweni yam noni!


  2. Dear Chuma.

    You are such an inspiration to all of us. Keep the faith,I pray that God opens those doors for you. Good luck with everything.

    Kind Regards


  3. Phenomenal Woman!!! My eyes has been leaking since I started watching your feature on Carte Blanche. You truly are an inspiration and blessing.

    And your art… Absolutely stunning. I’m nowhere close to your level but would love come sit alongside you in the near future and paint.

    Looking forward to reading your blog too.

    God bless.


  4. Just seen your story on Carte Blache Chuma!
    Praying that you do go back to school and that you do teach and heal others with your life and art. God bless you! Healing and wholeness to you!


  5. Hi Chuma! I read a piece of your blog now after seeing your story on carte blanche and i was just moved by how much faith you have and how trusting you are after everything you have been through! Don’t ever stop!! You really inspired me, i live in Bloemfontein but when I’m in CPT i would love to come see you! And i am definitely going to buy one of your drawings!! You are a CHAMP!!!! I wish you everything of the best!


  6. Hi Chuma

    I saw the programme about you on Carte Blanche tonight and would just like to tell you that you are truly inspirational. Your sketches are beautiful and II wish you everything you are dreaming about.

    With respect and admiration


  7. Hi Chuma,
    My family and I just watched Carte Blanche and we saw your story. I consider myself an artist, although I only do artworks every now and then. When I saw your story I was heart sore to see what you have been through in your life, yet you inspired me because it didn’t stop you from creating art, that changes and allows other people to see your perspective on life and art. I wrote this comment to let you know that you are making a difference, and that you have inspired me as an artist. I also wanted to tell you how much I love your style of drawing ,your vivid colors and how your art reminds me of the famous Artist Pablo Picasso! Keep doing what you doing Chuma! You truly are amazing and I wish you nothing but blessings in this year to come! Next time I visit Cape Town, I will come and see you in the park!
    Katya J


  8. What an inspiration! I do hope that you will find a way to study and that you will have a home soon! I will keep you in my prayers! Keep safe! Xx


  9. You have inspired me so much. Your circumstances arent easy but you are such a cheerful lady with so much talent. Dont give up ever!! Keep the faith. I know you are going to get that break in life. You deserve it.
    When i am in the area i will come look for you and meet you x You a beautiful soul!!


  10. My mom told me about you on after seeing you on carte blanche tonight. I wanted to say that.your story touched my heart. I dont really have much as i have walked away from a marriage with nothing and living in a friends home. I do however work in clothing design manufacturing my own underwear. I would happily offer to send some down to family to give to you. I will also share you blog on my social media with the hopes more will come to your aid. Keep strong and brave. I also have some second hand clothing i can donate to you if you would like it x


    1. Hi, i am happy humbled by the responce i have recieved and would apreciate the underwaare thank you.Will
      later this week be able to respond much better as i am using library computers and the is a time line.

      SINCERELY Chuma


  11. Hi Chuma.
    I saw the broadcast about you on Carte Blance tonight. I’m speechless. I was crying, but also inspired by your courage, your determination,your opennness,honesty. May God bless you in all your ways,may all your dreams come true.


  12. Chuma, I have 3 words for you YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I watched your story last night and you touched my heart, I was mixed with emotions it was a combination of how incredibly brave you are but at the same time how incredibly scared you must be. I can’t help have the feeling that you are destined for something great in this world although you have encountered so many hardships, you have this beaming way about you. Im looking forward to reading your blog.

    I would love to support you and purchase one of your amazing pieces of art work. I will come and look for you in the park, I would love for my children to meet you too. If there is anything you need that I can bring along just let me know.

    Thank you for touching my heart.


  13. hi, i also saw you on carte blanche, your strength made me get back up again, thanks. I also have a blog on word press and it’s weird to me that i have not come across it, anyway, message me some time, i would love to hear more about your art( actually how it makes you feel) thanks for not giving up


  14. Hi Chuma 🙂

    I just watched the documentary Carte Blanche did on you. I am just so touched by your story and my heart cries for you. You have inspired me so much and I am in awe of your strength as a woman and human being. I have so much admiration and respect for you. I would really love the opportunity to help you in any way that I can. I have my own struggles, but it pales in comparison to yours and I really would love to meet you some day. I will spread your story across social media, family, friends and colleagues. Please email me for anything that you need and I would be privileged to contribute to anything that would make your life easier.

    I wish you everything of the best and that this year brings many joys and love into your life. You are a very special person.


  15. Hi Chuma

    What a wonderful and inspirational story you have. I hope the sharing and social media bring you a few opportunities from all of SA. God bless and keep safe. xxx


  16. Hi Chuma.

    Saw you on Carte Blanch.
    Wow you are amazing, you have such a positive vibe, we can learn so much from you.
    Keep the faith- God will do the rest.

    Regards from JHB


  17. Hi Chuma

    Did anything positive ever come for the Carte Blanche feature they did on you? You are a powerful, strong woman and be EXTREMELY proud of who you are. You touched so many people

    Will look forward to hearing your update


  18. Hi Chuma,

    This is Andy from Stanbridge University. You recently participated in an interview with my research group focusing on validating a conceptual framework for community reintegration among homeless individuals through the role of Occupational Therapy. As a group, we would just like thank you and let you know how grateful we are for you to take time out of your schedule to share your personal story and life experience. As an individual, you embody the heart, mind, and soul of a beautiful human being that is unique and extraordinary in every way imaginable. We wish you all the best in your current and future endeavors.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Andy,

      Thank you for having me take part in your research and it was lovely to see you all and to share my experiance.I hope it helps
      you and group and that you have inspired me to carry on with my dreams and to satay true to myself and it was my pleasure.


  19. Hi Chuma,

    I saw you on Carte Blanche the 1st time round and just thought how amazing you are! And I have just seen your update on TV now about how you have your own home and a scholarship – how amazing is that! I lost my leg a year ago so I know how difficult it is on a day to day basis, I would love to meet you sometime and would love to buy one of your paintings xxx


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