I want to tell you about three artworks that have made an impression on me. Even though the artists aren’t contemporary, I have found a lot of meaning in them. What stands out to me the most is the use of color.

Artist: Jackson Pollock

Medium: Enamel paint on canvas

Created: 1950

Genre: Abstract art

Dimensions:266.7 cm (105.0 in) × 525.8 cm (207.0 in)


Jackson Pollock an “Impressionist Abstract” who when you look at his representation in Autumn Rhythm, Pollock painted it in October and  his non-representation Autumn Rhythm, an extraordinary balance between accident and control in this painting. Pollock art work show a similarity to Kandinsky non-objective abstract paining of Composition VII, if maintaining the creative technique needed to achieve go beyond representation and focused on ‘embodied’ experience of event  in the real world. Pollock creative flow enabled him to tap into subcontinent movement (flicking, splattering, and also dribbling) producing a lyrical, and often spiritual composition. Pollock created a linear using black paint producing an image like skeleton human figure underneath for the initial layer of paint diluted and soaked into  the untrimmed canvas that produced the contrary visual rhymes that provide the viewer with a feeling of sensations. The textural passages contributing to Pollock painting are barely visible in a straight and curved,  horizontal and vertical, light and dark, think and thin overlapping lines. Pollock’s imagery is no-representational and although evocative of nature in its coloring, and sense of ground and space.      

Artist:  J.M.W. Tuner

Created: 1842

Medium: oil on canvas

William interpretation of a snow storm that took place during or around the time period Tuner thought to produce this painting. Tuner’s painting depicts a boat caught in a snow storm and a fully dreadful bold and daring English romantic art period. Making Tuner’s painting one of the finest piece of art and depiction of sea-motion also the mist and light, Tuner’s brushwork create a swilling composition of chaotic colors and showcasing the man-made object against the forces of nature. Tuner loved exploring the effects of the elements and the battles within the forces of nature, as he first worked with watercolor and then later with oils which Tuner applied the same techniques he used in watercolor’s onto oil paint. Tuner creates tints and shades of colors painted in different layers of color and tuners brushstrokes add texture to the painting and only a few shades of grey,green and brown having the same tone of colors(monochromatic).Drawing the viewer into the painting is the silver pale light that surrounds the boat making it the focal point of the imagery, smoke coming out of the steamboat spread out over the sky and this creates the abstract shapes the same like the waves

Artist: Claude Monet,

Water lilies,1916

Monet style of painting was key to the Impressionist movement. This painting is considered a landscape subject matter and Monet applied thin paint in the painting giving it a dream like feeling and doesn’t remind the viewer of  a real world traditional painting and Monet obviously intended to avoid in this painting of the water lilies, landscape. The water is made of thin vertical strokes ,the lilies are circular swirls of color. Monet painting has a fuzzy or blurry quality to the paint. I can not be sure if whether he did that purposely or was it because he was loosing his sight at the time he was busy painting , as he painted mostly outdoor. Monet made it easier for himself by having to put less distinction in his lines in his painting. Monet’  ability to do this painting without putting too much detail into any one place. The viewer is able to see the picture as a whole and making the focal point be around the middle bright flowers, Monet used lighter colors in this piece but the repetition of brush strokes gives order to the chaos.


They didn’t just stick to the academic, traditional ways of making art. They were driven to search deeper and explore new ways of making art and expressing themselves creatively.

None of them chose to work within what was expected of them as artists at the time – they pushed the boundaries of art.

Matisse, for example, was told that his use of color was too decorative, and not realistic. He used colors like nobody before him. He spoke through colors. People are drawn to artworks by his expressive use of color. Similarity to my my style as an artist and especially “The green line”, I was blown away by how his color use was so similar to how I used color in expressively in my portrait drawings. I can honestly say that I art from the hear and that meaning i strictly express my inner self in each art work ,by my use of color I am able to communicate with to the emotions of the audience . Color brings out different emotions to different people. For me color brightens me up and brings hope.

I have grown as an artist thanks to having to attend Ruth Prows,Art school, I learned a lot from Art History classes , The art assay’s gave me more negotiability in what is art and how as artist i can apply my self and still communicate socially-politically and have this done using different mediums as well as adding text to art works relating to the story behind it.






A place I called home, situated in and around an open space. a home inside a bushy tree, Mad me start a blog about me as it became a my voice , connecting me to the world wide world. I Communicate only thru the Net. as I am all alone , Yet as I combine this two world I become awaken to humanity.

Come into my space a place where I slept, with no blanket, all alone I am alive inside a tree that has become a shelter for the homeless.Yet I am visible to you and you to me .

my exhibited self, who is everyday in view of an audience that walks to and from walk. Take a walk with me home.

“homeless” poem

Once I knew a place

The roots of truth began to spread though your face, earth is my  bed room and toilet. Wrapped up in freezing cold, Some drifter walk past, you remember the good all days, I carry homelessness within my head, step into my shoes. I walk a line
some where between listening to myself
and listening to God…

An Invitation – 1001 SA Stories

Dear Friends,

We kindly invite you to our next 1001 South African Stories, this session is on Reclamation – language, space, home, art, life.

Our guests to share their stories will be:

DENVER BREDA will speak about the Khoesan languages project, how the loss of native languages can affect the indigenous communities, what consequences it leads to, and how the reclamation of language can reduce these negative effects. He will also introduce the exchange programme of Khoekhoe that young people can apply for.

CHUMA SOMDAKA is a young street artist who has spent the last three years of her life sleeping on a park bench in the Company Garden in Cape Town. Despite being homeless, alone and enduring the loss of her leg from an amputation above the knee, Chuma has not allowed herself to be disabled by circumstance. It is simply her foundation from which to build a better life. One as bright and as promising as her mesmerising works of art.
Through her gift for finding beauty in the forgotten, Chuma’s portraits explore the lives of everyday people living on the streets, capturing their energy, emotions, thoughts and telling their stories. In so doing, she brings an element of humanity to the face of homelessness.

Date: Friday 15 December 2017
Time: 18:00
Venue: The Book Lounge, 71 Roeland Street, Gardens, Cape Town

Please like and follow our 1001 SA stories fb page and invite your friends along to the event!

2017 – A Year of Change

The year 2017 began with me having to start school at Ruth Prowse School of Art in Woodstock. I have grown so fond of it, and have learnt so much from attending here as a Fine arts student. It has been a hell of a journey for me personally because I now know that love, humanity, and support that I have received from South Africa and all over the world has deeply touched me and gave me the courage to face my fears. It pushed me to not drop out of school and to keep my faith and to keep on inspiring and giving thanks.

This year my life and outlook on life in general has changed for the good. I have learnt in art history what value art plays in society and why its so important to have artist like myself share and communicate through art whatever that is socially empowering and spiritually uplifting. It was difficult at first having to adopt to everything new and especially having to attend classes, learning different skills and keeping up with the rest of my classmates, but it has been a lovely experience overall and I look forward to next year.

Three New Stories

Rony is a gay male who is physically disabled and he comes to town to
hustle. He had a stroke years back, and is also a drug addict. He was involved with
dikie last year. He has a mother who comes to town looking for him because she gets worried about him being in town and sleeping in the street but as soon as his mom
takes him home Rony will appear in town again a day later with his cup on his hand asking for small change. We argue a lot when he is sitting with me at the bench in the
gardens, it irritates the hell out if me when he does that with me around. If
the person or people don’t respond back he will pass rude remarks or worse saying ‘he wants to buy drugs with their money’. I myself have grown close to him and even though we argue allot we enjoy each others company. He is HIV positive and takes his ARVs with him where ever he goes.

Andile is a car guard at kloof street opposite the Wellness Centre. We met at the shelter and became friends whilst living on the street. He used to drink a lot but now he is using tik and other stuff. He is god loving man and he gets beaten a lot and has his money gets taken. The last time we were together, two guys and a girl came and started fighting with him. He got kicked in the face. He was arrested this year for possession of drugs and is also a 28 gangster but none of his gang members respect him. They are usually the first to rob him or take his stuff without his permission. Most of the time he is alone and likes to smoke alone. He recently received a phone from a women from the car park. When she came back to her car she handed him the phone, but he only was able to keep it for a week before one of his friends took from him. He is 48 years old grew up in Phillipi, where his family still stays. The reason he left home to live on the streets is because he killed someone in self defence. He couldn’t deal with it, and the family of the victim lives near his house. That was the most difficult part for him – he still today has a hard time forgiving himself.

Mary is 20 years old and I met her at the church we used to attend on Wednesday with Pastor John. She is an addict and she steals. She breaks into cars. She will do anything to feed her habit. She stole my bag during the night when was fast asleep about two years back when we were all staying together as one big family. She and her boyfriend who is now in prison used to rob every day, even in the gardens during the day. She is always high and carries a sharp object with her. She likes being the only girl in the group. She was kidnapped by Timo and he forced her to be his girlfriend, and that’s how she ended up living on the streets. She came to town with her sister and friend for June holidays, and during that time her life got taken away. She has not returned since the accident but wished she could have the courage to go back home. She is sometimes able to talk to her sister who works in town. Timo kept her up in the mountain for almost six months and the only reason he let her free was because she agreed to be his girlfriend. He started selling her to the drug-dealers and thats how she became a sex worker and even though he was prostituting her he still forced her to have unprotected sex. It was during the night after a long time she came to visit me as we sat chatting I decided to sketch her and that was last week and thats the last time I saw her.

Communication Through Art

The message written on the lock is indeed truthful. And to top it off, for two years, I slept on the bench that had this chain locked on it.

Every now and then I still come and sit at the bench in the gardens. My life has been a journey that I sometimes feel bitter about, but I’ve come to acknowledge that with my past comes strength and courage to carry on. I need the practical experience of having patience and faith to be true and find peace within myself as well as forgiveness.

Now I’m on the road to recovery and it’s not easy, but it is healthy for me. The art school is teaching me a lot and I love each and every day I’m able to learn and interact in class. I am still struggling with art materials and would appreciate it if any donations come through.

The T-shirt and cards are up for sale still! Thank you for all your support and generosity towards my growth and development. God bless us all as we strive for peace, love, and humanity.