What has happened since I’ve moved from the streets and where am I know?

It has been four months since I’ve moved from the streets, and I am now living in Observatory and so very grateful to the organization 100 for change and Zapper including the organization paying for my school fees. I must say it has not been so easy to adjust to all this new changes that have happened through this short period of four months. Although it’s a wonderful and graceful God blessing experience I’ve struggled with emotions and my having to integrate within the social norms hasn’t been easy. 

I experienced a lot of nightmares in two months ago and I though I could deal with on my own. But it just got me feeling depressed and I then felt like to back to the bench because I know had to face me and the scars I’ve carried with me for this year’s and by some  mirichal I had found peace living on that bench that  when tested with a door inside a room all this emotions came flunding in and I had no one to speak to. But actually I didn’t know  what to say and felt scared of the new surroundings.

For the three on the streets I had grown a mind set that you can only have to be able to survive the streets and that mind set led to me almost wanting to give up. But thanks to the two beautiful women God has brought in my life , I didn’t go give up myself even though it looked and felt at the time the walls were closing and as well as falling down on top of me. 

Im I a better space now that a friend has been helping me focuse on the positive and has given me this short positive and spiritually uplifting videos to watch and has been helping me deal with intergrade with out feeling depressed and alone. Thanks for being a friend Augusta  and Sarah for not giving up on me even when I wasn’t sure of myself and couldn’t make sense of the future.

And know I’m finding my foot steadily on the ground and within myself to love and to be grateful for everything that has brought me to where I am and to not live a regretful life. To  acknowledge the grace and blessings that I am receiving and will continue to embrace the word of God in my life forever Amen.