A blog about me, my art, and my life as a homeless artist in Cape Town.

40 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi there Chuma…
    I’ve just seen your art in Carte Blanche and heard of your story. You are so incredibly inspiring and have left me speechless. The fact that you have some through so much and still have your faith at the centre of your life is even more inspiring. Thank you for allowing something so beautiful to come from an incredible hardship. I’m sorry that things are rough and I will be praying for you and what’s to come. God Bless xx


  2. Hi Chuma,

    I saw your story on carte blanche. I am from the Eastern cape too. A town called Barkly East. I work in Johannesburg.

    I am down in Cape Town at the end of February this year for work and wanted you to paint me a picture of 3 people that I have always looked up to on the same canvas.

    Will you let me know how much you will charge me for that, if it s too low I ll increase the amount : )

    What materials you need that I can buy at the store for you?

    I ll bring you photos of the 3 people.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you


    P.S. is this the best way to get hold of you?


  3. Chuma, i saw your story on carte blanche, and plz know you are in my prayers. You are a true inspiration for me!!!… May God bless you. Lots of love. A


  4. You art reminds me of all the good things in this world — that even in the darkest places, there is always light. You are such a kind spirited soul and I think that you have the most courageous and brave charisma. Your voice is so beautiful and it gives me hope to see that there are still people like you in the world. Keep having faith and hope.


  5. Hi Chuma. I have just watched your story on Carte Blanche. You are an inspiring woman and your drawings tell individual stories. I would love to follow your blog.
    Thank you


  6. Dearest awesome Chuma i salute your spirit! and i hope to meet you one day and give u a big hug, i pray for you to be a huge inspiration to all those who only have money …
    And those in search of meaning…i pray for you tonight to sleep safe and find a bed and shelter soon for your awesome strong real heart to be comforted!! God must be bragging about you to his angels every day!
    Much love Danette


  7. Hi Chuma, my name is Shelley.
    I Just watched your insert on Carte Blanche.
    you are truly a remarkable woman. Many people can learn from you. Wishing you all the best and i pray that someone will see your amazing work and put it in a gallery as each if your portraits have a story. I will keep praying for you


  8. I watched your story on Carte Blanche and it put me to tears.
    You are such a strong and inspiring person who keeps going each and everyday even when it is hard to do so.
    You have such a talent and you are a whimsical artist.
    I wish you all the best and I’ll keep you in my prayers.
    God Bless.


  9. Hi Chuma…how are you? Just watch your interview on Carte Blanche. What a beautiful person you are. I wish you the best in life..may God our protector be with you every step you take. One day when i visit South Africa again,i will make it my mission to vind you,just to give you a biiiiggggg hug. Keep it on. My verse for you is Ps.91. You will reach the stars.



  10. I watched you on Carte Blanche and I am so proud of you. Hope one day you will be very successful. You brought years to my eyes; I will appreciate every blessing starting now. Good luck Chuma


  11. I just watched ur story on carte Blanche and wow . U have inspired me . I moan and grumble about such rubbish and unimportant stuff. I pray for a miracle for u xxx god bless u and stay safe lovely soul. Kim ( howick kzn )


  12. Dear Chuma

    I am an Art teacher from Pretoria and just saw your story on Carter Blanche. You are an inspiration to all Artists out there. May God bring you all the happiness you deserve.

    I pray that you receive the help that you need to go forward in your life and career as an Artist and to further inspire the children and art lovers of the world!!! Thank you for sharing your story!!


  13. Hi Chuma. We saw your moving and inspiring story on Carte Blanche. Do you do portraits at a price? I would love to buy one of myslef and my wife? I could send you photos. Best of luck and hope you get the help you deserve.


  14. Hi Chuma!! I love your work!! Will be in Cape Town next week Tuesday. I would like to buy 5 of your art works. I will come and visit you . Regards Ilse Greeff. If you can you could phone me on 0832745466 to confirm a time


  15. Hi Chuma
    I just watched Carte Blanche. I’d love to help if I can. Please send me your email address. I am an interior designer in Johannesburg and maybe I can buy and sell some of your art. Cab we chat on the phone or else on email.

    Well done on your achievements – you are remarkable.

    Best wishes


  16. Dearest Chuma
    My heart really goes out to you in your dire homeless situation. I am not in Cape Town so unfortunately I can’t offer you shelter. But I want to tell you our Father GOD has all resources so I am praying that He will take care of you by putting the right people on your path…which has probably started via Carte Blanche program.
    Lots of Love.
    Know you are loved by our Almighty God even though your situation does not seem so…but your plight has just been board cast nationally…sit tight God is on the move in your life to break the chains of your situation. ..
    If you can please stay in contact with me…
    Your sister in Christ


    1. Hi Michelle

      I am no sure if the email i wrote this morning went thru ,as i was in school at time.
      I Look forward to meeting you, I also watched an interview you did about a woman who’s life changed after a car ecxident.
      Hear is my cell no. 0797010647 and you can contact me as to when? and where? you would want to me to meet up.

      Sincerely Chuma Somdaka


    1. Hi I’ve just read your comment and I will send you pics of my art work and art foundation and I’m currently working on my website Chuma’s art foundation started where I will have all the art work displayed. My cell number is 0797010647 if your interested in viewing what I’m currently working on. And on the 28/04/17 will showcasing artworks and more Icctc Cape Town Decorex.


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