Born in the eastern cape my parents maried and ivorced age five years when my mom
decided to move to Cape town at age of 8years is when i first time to come and live in caoe town although we were moving from one place to anather and i remmember having to chang school in one year three times and so ti went on til now that i have found myself living ontreets of Cape town inercity gardens

My ending up on the treets has nothing to do with not wanting to obey my parents or me being a drug,sex worker or mental pasiant or a rebalias perso
I am a free spirite and life has brought me the hardship I feel has made me whom I am today. I live a life of no regrets and even though I am sleeping on a bentch suroude by stagers I can honestly say that I have come to acknowledge the power and darkness that has all humans in tangled in a spiritual war that co-ecxist within are core biengness . What I want share with the world is that life is not all about how sucsefull or what race to how much you have’AWAKEN’ death defining is the cause life brings with freedom not of racesem but of self the flash that is being eaten everyday our continues struggle to come o terms with reality instaed of wanting all this illuminated demonic human aeting sourceras that encypt in one’s life by implafiy a


by rage at