When i came to practice with what i now know, was thru finding the word written in the Holly Bible and when my life began to change. At that time i was not drawing as it came later on. By having the word which helps me deal with my day to day struggles that kept me destitute-rd. Having to embrace my LORD saver and reading each time i felt out of control and wanted to give up on myself it was the hope and faith installed within me thru the holly spirit that has made me be who and have the strength  to carry on.

I am today a student at an Art school Ruth Prows, Woodstock and living at Observatory in a student accommodation and have had my artworks that i did whilst living on the streets sold out at the David Krutt gallery was a blessing to me. A lot of hard work and patience, endurance was the key tools and faith supplemented with the word of Christ played a huge roll in my perseverance and gave me the strength to be positive even in the darkest moments.

The Lord truly does listen to our individual prayers and is all times with us. But it must be you who calls the HOLLY SPIRIT to be alive forever to guide you and keep you in peace and provide you with the knowledge to survive. PRAY ALL THE TIME AND BLESSED BY THE WORD THAT GIVES AND KEEPS GIVING. Jehovah  MY  YOUR NAME BE HOLLY AS YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN THE HEAVEN, Amen! Amen!


How dreams can become reality when you believe.