Three New Stories

RONALE is a gay male who is physically disabled and he comes to town to
hustle. he had a st-rock years back,his also a drug addict and he was involved with
dikie last year.He has mother who comes to town looking fir him because she gets worried about him being in town and sleeping in the street but as soon as his mom
takes him home Rony will again a day after appear in town with his cup on his hand
asking for small change. We argue allot when his sitting with me at the bench in the
gardens,it irritates the hell out if me when he does that with me around and if
the person or people don’t respond back he will pass rude remark or worse saying ‘He wants to buy drugs with their money’. I myself have grown close to him and even though we argue allot we enjoy each others company.He is hiv positive and takes his arv with him where ever he goes. blue hat on with green t-shirt

Andile is car Parker at kloof street opposite the wellness cent re. we met at the shelter and became friends whilst living on the street.he us ti drink allot but know he is using tik and other stuff.he is god loving men and he gets beaten allot and
his money gets taken. the last time we were together two guys and girl came and
started fight with him,he got kike t in the face . He was arrest this year for possession of drugs and is also a 28 gangster but non of his gang members respect him as their are the first to robe or take his stuff with out his permission. Most times he is alone and likes to smoke alone  and recently he received a phone from a women whom he had parked and when she came back to the car she handed him the phone which he only was able to keep for a week before one of his friends took from him. He is 48 years old and his family stays at Philiphi  where he grew up but the reason he left home and decided to come and stay on streets is because he killed someone  and he could int deal with it and the family of the desist lives near his house and that was the most difficult part for he did killed  the person in self defense  and still today he has a hard time forgiving himself.




Marry is 20 years old and i met her at the church we use to attend on Wednesday   by Poster John. She is an addict and she steals,car breaking you name it she will do anything to feed her habit .She stole my bag during the night as i was fast asleep,it was two years back when we were all staying together as one big family,she and her boyfriend who is in prison know used to robe everyday even in the gardens during day time. She  is always high and caries  sharp  object  with her and likes being the only girl in group,she was kidnapped by Timo and he forced her to be his girlfriend and that how she ended up living on the streets.She cane to town with her sister and friend for June holidays and during that time her life got taken away. She has not return home ever since the accident but wished she could one have the courage to go back home and she sometimes is able to talk to her sister who works in town. Tino kept her up in the mountain for almost six and the only reason he let her free was because she agreed to be his girlfriend, He started selling her to the drug-dealers and thats how she became a sex-worker and even though he was prostituting her he still forced her to have unprotected sex , it was during the night after a long time she cane to visit me as we sat chatting i decided to sketch her and that was last week and thats the last i saw her.






Communication through art

Benchmark is a chain that I found this lock with a massage.

The massage written on the lock is in did truthful. And to top it of I’ve been for the past two years been sleeping on the bench that has had this chain locked on it.

Every now and then I still come and sit at the bench in the gardens. My life has been a journey that I sometimes feel bitter about but I’ve come to acknowledge that with my past comes the strength and courage to carry through today the practical experience of having to have the patience and faith to be true and find peace within myself as well as forgiveness.

Now I’m on the road to recovery and it’s not easy but healthy for me. The art school is teaching me slot and I love each and every day I’m able to learn and interact in classes. I am still struggling with art materials and would appreciate it if donation for the Art foundation that is aimed at connecting poeple by communication through art, homeless to non homeless people together to make a voice message that will help intergrade homeless and society into a open gate way of communicating.

The T-shirt and cards are up for grabs for anyone willing to donate and help with materials towards you foundation.

Thank you for all your support and generosity towards my growth and development. God bless us all in are strive for peace,love,and humanity.

My progress and how it goes well with everything.

The process of adjusting to being in school and having a place to stay that Is more then suitable for me to live in, I feel blessed each and every moment I wake up to find myself safe and warm.

With school, Ruth Prowse Woodstock where I’m currently attending art classes and learning more about art as a career and business. The first time in class I was excited not sure what to expect and eager to learn. The lessons are not that difficult for me but I have been struggling with print making which I was unable to hand in my final work, a landscape collography. I am going to have to learn to ask for help when I don’t know or misunderstand.

I have been consitrating  on my school work and researching the history of art and design elements to give me the overall understanding of what I can work on and archive  good marks whilst having enough time to produce artworks to sell in order to support myself regards to clothing ,medical and social networks.

Thanks for the support , kindness and generosity towards me and my future, having the opportunity to education for me ,every night I secretively prayed for school and to have access to an accommodation and  resources to help me archive my goels. I’m not going to have the same amount of time as I did before attending school,now I am going to update the blog two times a month and that’s if I’m not falling behind school project ecstra .